Outback Spirit Kimberley Brochure 2014 - page 2

As far as we know, the first European
explorer to venture into the Kimberley on
a land-based expedition was a bloke by
the name of Lt. George Grey. He and his
party were sent out as one of the very first
expeditions sponsored by the newly formed
Royal Geographic Society in London.
Grey’s landing near the Prince Regent River
towards the end of 1837 meant that he and
his party had to endure the wet season,
as well as the rugged terrain. After being
wounded in an encounter with the local
Aborigines, he was forced to abort just
50km south of his starting point.
Grey was the first European to record the
remarkable Wandjina rock art paintings.
In his journal, Grey also painted a cave and
after many years searching, I and another
Army pilot managed to find it. He also
said in that journal that near the cave there
existed an outline of a human head carved
in sandstone, which was clearly not the work
of the local Aborigines. Maybe that was the
first European explorer in the Kimberley’s?
I’ve searched and searched for that etching
but so far without success. One day it will
pop up though, so stay tuned.
Les Hiddins,
The ‘Bush Tucker Man’
george grey
In the spirit
of the great
Australian explorers
Guided rock art walk, Mitchell Plateau
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