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The Kimberley is one of the world’s greatest wilderness frontiers. As such, it appears on nearly everyone’s bucket list.
Once you’ve made the decision to explore the Kimberley, the next question is
‘Who will I trust to take me there’
Well, you’ve found the company trusted by thousands of people each year to take them into the outback on the
adventure of a lifetime. As one of Australia’s largest outback tour operators, we have the resources, expertise and
local knowledge to guarantee you a seamless and rewarding Kimberley experience.
Outback Spirit has
unsurpassed access
to the most remote and incredible corners of the Kimberley, thanks to a
network of up-market wilderness lodges and local partnerships. We also have the most diverse range of itineraries
on offer in the region, so there’s simply no-one better positioned to offer you the expedition you’re looking for.
People who travel with Outback Spirit can also rest easy knowing that they’re travelling with a company that values
the local community and environment. 2014 marks our 7th year as a financial supporter of the
Australian Wildlife
a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving our precious wildlife with nearly 2 million acres under
conservation in the Kimberley alone. We also provide
employment opportunities
, education resources and training
to Indigenous people living in remote communities, which in recent years has included the provision of teachers and
a $190,000 donation for solar power at the remote Kandiwal Community on the Mitchell Plateau.
If there’s any further information you need or if you’d like to talk to someone about your holiday plans, our friendly
and knowledgeable staff are just a phone call away on 1800 OUTBACK (1800 688 222).
We hope you’ll join us on an expedition to The Kimberley in 2014.
Welcome to
The Kimberley
Andre & Courtney Ellis,
Brothers / Founders / Owners
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