Outback Spirit Brochure 2014 - page 2

There was a time when Australian kids
were taught that Captain James Cook
discovered Australia. Well we all know
that was not entirely the case, as lots of
explorers from Holland, Spain, Portugal,
and even England had been here before
him. In fact, in 1770 Cook was not a
Captain but rather a naval Lieutenant.
Anyway, Cook ended up getting stuck
on the Great Barrier Reef and eventually
hauled the Endeavour into what’s now
called Cooktown. You’ll be staying there
in the Sovereign Resort if you do the
Cape York trip. As a boy I remember the
Sovereign being just a rough wooden pub,
and after a cyclone came along and blew
half of it away, the locals renamed it the
Half Sovereign. True story!
It so happens that while Cook and crew
were stuck there they saw this strange
animal, and learnt from the locals its name
was “Kangaroo”. Of course, at the time
there were over 200 different Aboriginal
languages in Australia and the name for
this creature would have differed according
to what part of the country you were in.
So, that’s how we got hold of the word
“Kangaroo”, fromMrs Cook’s little boy’s trip
to Cooktown.
Les Hiddins,
The ‘Bush Tucker Man’
In the spirit
of the great
Australian explorers
Mount Borradaile, Arnhem Land
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