Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Proudly supporting the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Each and every year we donate a share of our company profit to the AWC.

You mightn’t be aware, but Australia has the worst mammal extinction record in the world. In fact, twenty-two mammals have become extinct in the last 200 years. No other country or continent has such a tragic record of extinction, and there are many more species which are on the brink.

As a business that relies on the natural environment, we felt compelled to help. And there’s no other organisation that we’d rather team up with than the AWC. AWC is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems. Funded by tax-deductible donations, they’re taking action to protect Australia’s wildlife by:

  1. Acquiring land to establish sanctuaries for the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems.
  2. Implementing practical, on-ground conservation programs such as the eradication of feral animals and the reintroduction of endangered species.
  3. Conducting scientific research into key issues affecting biodiversity in Australia.
  4. Undertaking public education programs to promote awareness of the plight of Australia’s wildlife.

AWC currently owns and manages 23 sanctuaries covering over 7.5 million acres. These sanctuaries protect a significant proportion of Australia’s biodiversity, including 72% of all bird species and 67% of all mammal species. AWC now protects more terrestrial animal species than any other organisation in Australia.

AWC’s mission is the effective conservation of all Australian animal species and the habitats in which they live

For more information about the AWC or to pledge your support, please visit them online at

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy Sanctuaries.  

Total: AWC Sanctuaries: 23. Total Land Area: 7.5 million acres.  BIRD SPECIES PROTECTED: 500. mammal speciees protected: 170

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