Sustainable Eco Tourism

When it comes to sustainable tourism, Outback Spirit operates to its own stringent eco principles. And they're not just empty words; they have real substance.

For example, Outback Spirit is helping save and preserve the precious Kimberley ecology though an annual donation to Australian Wildlife Conservancy, a non-profit organisation with over 1.5 million acres under conservation in the Kimberley.

The Safari Camp that Outback Spirit has built on the Mitchell Plateau is another great example, with close to half a million dollars invested in state of the art waste water treatment and solar power generation. Compared to most other safari camps in the Kimberley, this one is light years ahead.

The philosophy of care, contribution and environmental sustainability carries right through the Outback Spirit organisation. The drivers and crew like to say that whenever they depart a region all they take with them are memories and all they leave behind are tyre prints. Now that's the spirit!

Outback Spirit has received Eco Accreditation for all tour products!

This accreditation demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, something that has always been part of our business philosophy. 

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