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We have just returned from our trip to Arnhem Land and the Cobourg Peninsula. This was our second Outback Spirit tour and we didn't dare hope that our first one to the Kimberley Region could be bettered but you surpassed our expectations! Despite a major hiccup resulting in a major change of itinerary your rearrangements gave us such wonderful alternative activities - flying low in a helicopter over the mudflats to see crocodiles, buffaloes, wild pigs and bantengs, lots more rock art than we had hoped for and the huge plus of a small plane flight over Arnhem Land to the remote Aboriginal settlement of Maningrida where the display of artwork was incredible. Our two leaders were outstanding - their unobtrusive and cheerful organisation was amazing and their attention to detail made every day a pleasure. They had really done their research and could tell the Outback stories with enthusiasm and a sense of humour, and their appreciation of the history and culture of the region was very obvious. All the accommodation was very comfortable and of a high standard and food was terrific. Mt Borradaile must be the best place ever and we were privileged to be able to stay there. We shall certainly be taking another of your trips next year.

tony adams

This was my fifth trip with Outback Spirit and every one has been "different". I consider the Canning Stock Route an Adventure as well as an experience - each day was a mystery and you could never be quite sure what was over the horizon. Just more of amazing Australia. But - what really made the trip great was the organization and attention to detail by the operators and the crew on the trip. The professional attention to detail, the comfort of the travellers, the quality of the facilities, the excellent camp meals and the camp fire at night. The drivers/guides did a great job at handling the track and all attended to their particular tasks with dispatch and good humour. The odd "drama" was dealt with efficiently and added to the adventure. The after dinner camp fire discussions and history lessons closed just another fantastic day. I'm sure all fellow travellers enjoyed the experience of 'roughing' it a bit and we all became pretty proficient at erecting/dismantling tents and enjoying 6 litre (hot) showers. I could go on but enough for now. I am looking forward to my next experience with Outback Spirit.

Kevin Hartmann
Destination: Canning Stock Route

My husband and I have just returned from our journey along the Canning Stock Route and I have to say that it was the most amazing experience. I have found it difficult to find the right words to express the sheer enjoyment of being on the track! For 14 days we enjoyed the ambience of another of Australia's treasures in the company of a great group of like minded people and 4 wonderful, caring and skilful drivers. There was absolutely nothing they wouldn't do for us and even when it rained one night no one complained and we all took it as part of a simply wonderful adventure. I would highly recommend this expedition to anyone who wants to experience something that is different and incredibly enjoyable. Thank you Outback Spirit for allowing us to be a part of something very special!

Lorraine Liston
Destination: Canning Stock Route

Our first tour with Outback Spirit couldn't have been a better introduction to the Kimberley. Guide Justin set a very high standard for future tours with his courtesy, consideration and care. Added to the fact that he had a wonderful sense of humour (until we beat him in cards). The coach was a superb ride, and extremely comfortable over really rugged roads. Very happy with all accomodation but do advise more thermal wear for the Bungle Bungles. Wonderful region to travel, but Outback Spirit and Justin made our trip superb. Thankyou!!!

Yvonne and Geoff Bell
Destination: The Kimberley & Top End

Cape York Awesome Trip. Arn And Michelle Are An Asset To Outback Spirit. ps Lotus Bird Lodge Was Super Top Notch. Thanks Loved The Trip

Christopher & Thelma Young

According to John, resident guide at Lawn Hill, we were a model tour group. No wonder, after the dedicated care of Rob and Dee who ensured we were all having a great time. We saw places we would never get to otherwise, and enjoyed it all. The group is still in touch with each other, and that's before we get round to sharing our photos. The only problem is working out which tour to do next!

Jenny and Alex Davies NZ
Destination: Cape York, East Coast & Outback QLD

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