The Outback’s largest fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles

Outback Spirit has invested over $8 million in its fleet of all terrain Mercedes Benz tour vehicles. The difference between these vehicles and what most other tour operators use is stark and adds up to a far superior experience for our guests.


One of the prime objectives of our fleet is to provide exceptional comfort, and this starts with ample room. Outback Spirit vehicles boast more legroom than just about any other all-terrain commercial tour vehicle, something you are sure to appreciate after covering big distances in the outback.


Mercedes Benz has long been known for exceptional safety in passenger cars, and with their commercial vehicles it’s no different. The inherent safety features are too long to list, but include excellent handling and a degree of ‘over engineering’ that’s in the DNA of any Mercedes Benz vehicle.


Without question, our vehicles are some of the quietest of their kind thanks to superior coach module design and exceptional sound deadening materials. On the inside, the use of carpet and velour also soak up sound and give that plush, luxurious feeling that is rare for outback tour vehicles.


With many outback roads still on the bumpy side, the last thing you want is to be bouncing around your seat all day. Not to worry, as our vehicles have one of the smoothest rides in the industry. Long parabolic springs soak up even the most severe corrugations and offer an incredible level of reliability.

More features and comfort

No expense has been spared in the building of our touring fleet. Their exceptional features all add up to provide an unparalleled level of comfort for our passengers.

  • Generous legroom
  • Comfortable reclining coach seating
  • On-board restroom
  • Satellite Communication System
  • Australia-wide vehicle monitoring system
  • DVD Player, Television & Road Cam
  • State-of-the-art P.A. system
  • On-board refrigeration & hot water urn
  • Comprehensive First Aid Kit


Please note that our Canning Stock Route expeditions are conducted using smaller 4WD and 6WD Mercedes Benz G Wagons. Some features will differ from those listed above. Click here for details and choose the Unique Expedition Vehicle tab.

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