Passion and Experience

Nothing can make or break an outback adventure like the guides who run it. That’s precisely why we employ and recruit the best.


Outback Spirit doesn’t give tour driver positions to just anyone with the right qualifications. We know there’s an enormous responsibility that comes with driving public passengers, and this responsibility needs to fall on the right shoulders. Basically, in addition to having the skills you need experience, and plenty of it. Outback Spirit demands 10 years of heavy vehicle driving experience from any potential new tour driver, and our existing drivers all have this level of experience. It’s our 10 year Experience Guarantee, designed to give you peace of mind and a feeling of safety and security.


An important part of any holiday is the enjoyment that comes from learning about the area you’re in. That’s why it’s important that your guides know what they’re on about, and we’re pleased to say that ours certainly do. Their knowledge is bred from experience and training, resulting in an informative and insightful touring experience.


Enthusiasm is infectious, and our guides have it in spades. Their passion for the outback is palpable, as is their total dedication to your enjoyment and satisfaction. They’ll be there when you need them but discrete when you don’t, taking care of all the details behind the scenes so you can relax and enjoy your trip. 

For our guides, this is their life and their chosen profession. It’s also their passion.

* 10 year Experience Guarantee applies to staff driving our large all terrain coaches which require an MR license endorsement (or equivalent) or higher


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