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Outback Spirit is part of Journey Beyond, a national business focused on bringing Australia’s most unique and iconic experiences to life. Outback Spirit was founded in 1999 and has been showcasing great Australian destinations to travellers to this day.

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Committed to Conservation

As an eco-certified company, Outback Spirit regularly reviews its potential impact on natural, cultural and historical environments. We strive to be ecologically sustainable and limit our impact on the environment through good practice, innovation and financial support for Australia’s pre-eminent wildlife conservation group, AWC (Australian Wildlife Conservancy).

AWC is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of our most precious wildlife. With 3 million hectares under conservation locations such as the Kimberley, Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York and Lake Eyre, AWC is making a real difference in the fight against extinction. Since 2008, Outback Spirit has donated over $1 million to AWC and will continue its support well into the future. To learn more about this fantastic organisation, head to

Supporting Aboriginal Communities

Outback Spirit supports remote Indigenous communities in certain locations across the Kimberley & Arnhem land by way of employment opportunities, community sponsorships and support for Indigenous owned businesses. For example, Outback Spirit sponsors over a dozen football teams in Ramingining and Maningrida, both directly and through local schools.

The company also creates jobs for local interpretive guides, which gives Outback Spirit passengers an authentic insight into the environment and local culture. It also helps to preserve Indigenous culture. Past initiatives have included the provision of teachers and tutors in small communities where no school facilities exist.

Award Winning Tour Operator

Choosing Outback Spirit means choosing an award-winning tour operator. We’re proud to have been acknowledged for consistently delivering professional and authentic adventures to remote destinations of Australia.

Some of our achievements have been recognised with the following awards:

Operation & Mechanical Bases

The outback can be a challenging environment to operate in, and professional back-up support is vital.

Outback Spirit headquarters are in the regional NSW city of Albury, however we have a dedicated team in Broome and Darwin for mechanical and operational matters. These teams are available 24 hours a day to provide immediate support, should it be required. Other smaller bases are located around the country, guaranteeing you a seamless touring experience.

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