See Australia’s desert interior in style

Travelling through the outback’s most remote territories is an incredibly rewarding experience. The vastness of this great continent really hits home in places like the Simpson Desert, Canning Stock Route and the Northern Territory's Binns Track. However, the isolation and challenging conditions can quickly turn adventure into disaster without the right planning, equipment, know-how and back-up support. This is where Outback Spirit really excels. Our tour leaders are some of the best in the business: passionate, experienced and knowledgeable. Plus, they’re backed up by 24 hour operational and mechanical support for when challenges arise, which they invariably do.

Travellers who’ve visited these remote regions with us speak of a dream that would never have been fulfilled if it wasn’t for Outback Spirit. They’d simply never embark on such a journey independently, and there’s no other operator they’d trust to provide a comfortable, safe and rewarding experience.

The Incredible Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is one of the most capable and robust all-terrain vehicles in the world. There are a number of variants of the G-Wagon. The G ‘Professional’ version is the toughest model with an enhanced drivetrain and suspension. In fact, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has upgraded its ageing Land Rover fleet with approximately 2,500 of these vehicles. Like the ADF we have a fleet that consists of both 6x6 and 4x4 vehicles. The 6x6 underpins the whole expedition thanks to its high payload and remarkable capability. This allows us to carry our own kitchen and amenities units, both of which were custom made and engineered for Outback Spirit.

The amenities unit features two shower / toilet cubicles and retains all toilet waste for disposal in town. For a trip like this, the ability to have a hot shower and flushing toilet makes all the difference.

Outback Spirit operates two separate yet identical convoys for this expedition. Each consists of three 6x6 vehicles and two 4x4’s. All passenger seats are full size coach seats with seat belts, and all face forward (seat rotations occur daily). They feature good legroom (far more than normal 4WD vehicles), great visibility and are very comfortable. Vehicles are also equipped with satellite telephones and advanced medical kits.

Camp in comfort

Enjoy the convenience of proper amenities for the whole adventure. All desert safari tours include:

• Hot showers
• Flushing toilets
• Large, easy to erect tents
• Stretcher beds with self-inflating mattress
• Desert rated sleeping bag (yours to keep)
• Quality meals prepared by trained cooks
• Evenings around the campfire
• Beer and wine available to purchase

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