The Outback can’t be defined. There are no fences or borderlines, and if you imagine the Outback as a place of dry arid land, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s so much more. It’s a place full of myth, Australian stories, and the oldest surviving culture in the world. A land of dramatic contrasts with scorched land, sprawling valleys and everything in between, igniting a sense of adventure and asking you to find your own unique connection.

WORDS Ella Chronowski

The Places You’ll Go

Pick any place off the map. It could be Arnhem Land, The Kimberley or Cape York. Wherever you roam, there is so much to see. Uluru is taller than the Eiffel Tower, Alice Springs is the closest town to every beach in Australia, the Bungle Bungles have been carved out of the earth over millions of years, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is the lowest natural point in Australia, and Pajinka is the northernmost tip of Australia. Every journey through the Outback has hidden hollows and moments of magic, and Outback Spirit will take you further to go deeper. You’ll be left with a new appreciation and connection to Country.

The Things You’ll Do

 A Welcome to Country, a cruise along palm-fringed beaches in an open back 4WD, a scenic flight across the 1,000 islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, is just scratching the surface. We’ll introduce you to an Australia others can’t even get to with our 5-star fleet of custom Mercedes-Benz 4WD G-Wagons and, more importantly, a curiosity that has kept us coming back again and again. Our exclusive network of camps and lodges are positioned in the heart of the action and will immerse you in Mother Nature. Whether you’re catching wild barramundi or exploring rarely seen rock art galleries, adventure is calling your name.

The Way You’ll Feel

 In the Outback, you can travel for hours without meeting another car. Still, the Outback’s sense of isolation is challenged by the warmth of its people, whose diverse culture and religion change as quickly as stars shoot across the clear night sky. There are over 150 Indigenous languages spoken across Central Australia, all of which tell the story of the land. Disconnect to reconnect, discovering an appetite for adventure that connects you to land and people. The Outback is a feeling, and you will notice it when you get there.

We want you to understand the Outback the same way we do. For Outback Spirit, nothing is impossible, we’ll take you to the most inhospitable places where you’ll find genuine hospitality. Find adventure, find connection, find Country, find your Outback Spirit.

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