Arnhem Land is wild, unspoiled, and diverse. It’s the spiritual heart of Australia and its biodiversity doesn’t compare to anywhere else in Australia. When you visit it becomes clear why the Traditional Owners of Arnhem Land, the Yolngu people, have called it home for thousands of years.

Outback Spirit’s 2023 season has officially begun, and due to the heavy wet season, Arnhem Land is thriving with activity. The coastline is rugged, the wildlife is plenty, the woodlands are green and the lagoons are full. It’s an ever-changing landscape in tune with the seasons, and no matter the time of day, there is something beautiful to see. Here are the unedited photos of the 2023 season to prove it. 

WORDS Ella Chronowski


The Arafura Wetlands is the largest freshwater ecosystem in Arnhem Land. During a private boat cruise through the Arafura Wetlands, the landscape can be seen saturated with native colours and textures.


In the Arafura Wetlands as the sun peaks over the horizon ready to rise, the landscape changes with the colour of the sky washing the Wetlands with pastel hues.


Murwangi, Outback Spirit’s exclusive safari camp which overlooks the Arafura Wetlands with truly spectacular views of Arnhem Land.


The waterways of Arnhem Land which snake through the vast and remote wilderness bringing and connecting life to the land.


Gunners Quoin lookout on the Cobourg Peninsula featuring the colours of Arnhem Land including native flora and fauna.


Take the red dirt and rocky road less travelled back to Seven Spirit Bay, Outback Spirit’s exclusive lodge on the Coburg Peninsula in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park.


The rugged coastline of the Coburg Peninsula in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park. Its 2,000 square kilometres of mostly uninhabited coastline with turquoise water and sandy beaches that lead into a marine wonderland.


A thriving landscape brings wildlife to the region, some in need of a new home. This is Murwangi Camp Manager Taylah with rescued wallaby Frankie who calls Murwangi home.


Arnhem Land is a world of wonder waiting to be explored. The Arnhem Land Wilderness Adventure will connect you to land and culture with a 13-day journey across wild and untamed land. There are limited places left for 2023, book your journey to find your Outback Spirit.