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You'll never forget your first Outback experience - the raw beauty, diversity and sheer enormity of our amazing country. We've certainly never forgotten ours.

Inspired by the legendary pioneers who first explored the Australian wilderness, and amazed by what we discovered there ourselves, we decided to share the extraordinary Outback with select small groups of like-minded adventurers. That's how Outback Spirit was born.

Since then we've grown to become a leading operator of premium small group expeditions into the Kimberley and across Australia.

Travelling in supreme comfort onboard our custom-built Mercedes Benz coach fleet, you'll explore a side of Australia that many people never get to see. Along the way, meet true locals, discover the flora and fauna, and come face-to-face with many of Mother Nature's most spectacular works.

An Outback Spirit tour is an extraordinary journey of discovery filled with lifelong memories. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest.

Company Owners - Courtney W. Ellis & Andre W. Ellis

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