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About Binns Track

The Binns Track is an epic four-wheel drive adventure that takes you through spectacular scenery allowing you to explore some of the lesser-known sights of Central Australia and the grandeur of big rivers in northern NT.

On this adventure you will traverse the majority of Binns Track’s 2,191 kilometres through the rugged heart of the Northern Territory - from Alice Springs in the south right up to Timber Creek in the north. Encounter something new around every corner and experience the contrast offered between the desert country, the mountain ranges, and the open plains – all of the highlights that the outback has to offer in just one track.

Outback Spirit’s meticulous planning, experienced guides and highly customised fleet of Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons make such a journey not only possible, but also comfortable and stylish.

The Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Unrivalled in the outback

Outback Spirit operates Mercedes Benz G Wagons for its unique adventures across the Canning Stock Route, Simpson Desert and Binns Track. The utilitarian variant, the ‘Professional’, is one of the most capable and robust all-terrain vehicles in the world and the longest produced Mercedes Benz in history. Over 200,000 units sold since 1979, including 2500 recently procured by the Australian Defence Force.

The G Wagon is an incredibly unique vehicle. During our initial testing phase, it quickly became evident that it was the only vehicle suitable for our desert adventures. Off-road, the G Wagons are simply unmatched by any other vehicle. They ride exceptionally well, are fitted with forward facing coach seats and have more legroom than other vehicles in the same class. Their iconic boxy shape also affords more headroom for occupants.

Our two fleets of G Wagons consist of both 6x6 and 4x4 vehicles. The 6x6’s under-pin the whole expedition thanks to their high payload and remarkable capability, allowing us to carry our own custom-made kitchen and amenities unit. The amenities unit features two flushing toilets and two hot-water showers, and retain all toilet waste for subsequent disposal. For a trip like this, the ability to have a hot shower and flushing toilet makes all the difference. Each fleet of vehicles is also equipped with satellite telephones and advanced medical kits.

Outback Spirit has invested over $4 million in these remarkable vehicles. When it comes to our passengers' comfort and safety, no expense is spared.


Camping in comfort

Hot showers & flushing toilets make all the difference

The idea of going without basic comforts is enough to turn anyone off heading bush. Digging holes or hooking up a cumbersome hot water apparatus is no-one’s idea of a good time. That’s why our desert safaris are so unique.

In each G Wagon fleet, a 6x6 military style G Wagon features a specially engineered bathroom pod. Complete with 2 equal sized bathrooms with hot showers and flushing toilets, these pods are a real work of art and feature a hydraulically raiseable roof, large water storage tanks and effluent capture. So, in addition to providing that all-important level of comfort, we’re also looking after the environment by removing waste instead of burying it in the scrub.

In each Desert Safari crew there’s an experienced camp cook who’ll provide delicious cuisine for the expedition. And, with ample refrigeration and a re-supply rendezvous, we’re never short of good quality, fresh food.

A good night’s rest is just as important as a hot shower and a good meal, so we’ve provided the best camping equipment available to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. The large tents are easy to erect with only one centre pole and a few pegs. You’ll be sleeping off the ground on sturdy lightweight stretcher beds, with a self-inflating mattress to go on top. As the desert nights can get quite cold, we also provide you with a high-quality sleeping bag to keep you warm and comfortable.

No campsite is complete without a crackling fire, and it’s here that you’ll be able to relax and unwind at the end of the day, chatting to new friends under the desert stars.

Binns Track History

Bill Binns & the Making of Binns Track

Opened in May 2008 and running from Mount Dare on the South Australian side of the border to Timber Creek almost 200 kilometres east of the Western Australian border, the track covers 2,191 kilometres and winds through many of the Northern Territory’s lesser known nature reserves and National Parks.

Bill Binns is a man who loves the bush, solitude and exploring. During his 32 year career with Northern Territory Parks, which saw him climb from ranger to executive director, he pioneered the Binns Track.

Bill led countless wildlife research expeditions in the Northern Territory, negotiated joint management of parks between government and Aboriginal land owners and helped to establish several National Parks in the Northern Territory.

Fittingly the track Bill traversed on his ranging days, linking some the Northern Territory's hidden National Park gems, bears his name. Bill's dream to one day create a track that would give tourists the opportunity to explore the outback and the magnificent rock formations, native wildlife, and bountiful colours that it features is one of the territories latest touring marvels. Along it's full course, Binns Track treks from Mount Dare to Timber Creek - a significant slice of Central Australia bursting with colours, native wildlife and mighty rock formations.

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